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Letterpress Printed Acknowledgement Card Letterpress Printed Card! Custom Letterpress Printing
There is more
to beautiful stationery
than meets the eye,
it must feel right too.

We are passionate about this. In our view, getting the design right is only the first half of the job. The real challenge comes in turning that stunning design into a physical card or invitation where the quality, character and feel of the piece leaves the recipient in no doubt that this is a special piece to reflect a special occasion.

It was this quest for quality that brought us full circle, back to the way fine stationery used to be printed - on letterpress printing machines. The difference between letterpress and modern print methods is both subtle and stark. Modern printing applies a sharp coating of ink onto the surface of super flat, hard paper. Letterpress uses relief printing where the ink is pressed into soft paper, simultaneously transferring the ink and leaving a tangible impression in the sheet. Due to the inherent nature of the process each impression is unique and whilst no two pages are identical each one has a charm and quality unique to letterpress.