We specialise in producing fine stationery
using our traditional letterpress platen press
(fondly called Mabel) dating from the 1870's
Meet the team

James has been designing for print for over 25 years. When it comes to print, he thinks he's seen it all. Not impressed with how modern print methods have evolved to meet the demands of speed and economy at the cost of character and quality, he began looking at how things used to be done; identifying the problems of the old methods and set about overcoming them. After experiencing his very own little 'Eurika!' moment, Little Red Hen Letterpress was born. Yep, he's a geek!


Gill studied fine art printing before going on to do graphic design. She's been at it nearly as long as James so she's none too shabby at it either. More relevantly, she is the queen of elegance and style. Not that she has ever claimed or even aspired to this title; that would be uncouth. In fact, she'll be mortified when she reads this and probably insist we change it (so if you're reading this she probably hasn't read it yet!) Suffice to say, should you meet her you'll instantly know what I mean. She loves beautiful things, made beautifully. She would rather do without than compromise on quality - a truly admirable, albeit occasionally frustrating trait.


Rebecca also studied fine art printing, but unlike the other two she stuck with fine art! She personifies passion to the point of caricature. When you meet her she is very likely to have a pencil holding her hair up, but despite her efforts plenty of ink somehow manages to end up in her hair anyway. Amazingly enough, her work always emerges from the chaos pristine and immaculate.